The Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust – what went wrong

Clearly something went wrong at The Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

Among the reasoning has been blame on the NHS culture, which focused “on doing the system’s business – not that of the patients”. This is understandable, but let’s not forget that culture comes from the very top of an organisation and has the ability to change behaviour and functions. Governments for a long period of time have inflicted upon hospital trusts, performance statistics to measure their productivity – a term which seems wildly at odds with patient care. If these were not achieved then penalties would be paid. Productivity sits neatly with “manufacturing” and “economic output” but is not so consistent with concepts like care, compassion, concern and charity. How do you measure these? So did successive governments get it wrong? There is no doubt that the pressures on running a country are very different to those pressures of running a hospital. They are almost diametrically opposite. To retain some kind of order though, reporting does need to take place, otherwise the NHS would be a shambles, but a meeting of the ways clearly needs to take place so that The NHS can put back patient care to where it used to be and what it should be.

Lets us hear your opinion.

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